Linear closing machine

ZS 2500 is a carousel closing machine for linear filling line for closing bottles, jars or similar products, with screw caps, pressed caps and other.

It is part of the putting of the cap and their screw-in connector (servo motor) or pressing. For special caps (the Eyedropper, etc.) can be put into the machine the second group of machines for their application.

The basic part of the machine is sensing of the package for the case of absence of the lid, slip of the carousel in the case of blocking.

Device can be put into line together with filling and etiketovacími devices for application of self-adhesive labels.

Output: upto 3.000 pcs/h

Type of pack: bottle, jar, can etc.

Type of cap: screw cap, bumping ( pressed ) cap, etc.

Machine is equiped with: Unitronics

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