ZS 1200

Rotary filling and capping machine

ZS 1200 is rotary liquid or paste filling and capping compact designed for food, cosmetic or chemist industry. The product is filled into bottles, glasses or similar packaging, mostly of content up to 1,000 ml and capped with screw-to caps, jam-on caps, inserts, brushes etc. The device can be used for filling milk products, cider, liquid fertilizer, shampoos, etc... The machinery is fully automatic.

The machinery comes with 1,2 or 3 filling equipments. Number of the equipments depends on the product and its characteristic. Setting and screwing (servomotor) or jamming of the caps is also part of the machinery. Second group of machinery for inner caps can be added.

Scanning equipment with LCD display for absence of packaging and slipping in case of block-up is  an elementary part of the machinery.

The machinery can be incorporated into packaging lines together with the labelling equipment.

Output: 1.200 – 2.600 pcs/h

Content of filling: 5 – 600 ml

Types of packaging: bottles, glasses, jars, pill bottles, ampoules, etc.

Types of capping: screw-on caps, jam-on caps, insertion, brushes, etc.

Machine is equiped with: Unitronics, Camozzi 

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