PS 1500 L

Linear filling machine

The equipment is designed for food, cosmetic or chemist industry for filling of liquid or paste products into bottles, glasses or similar packaging. The device can be used for filling milk products (milk, yoghurt, starter, ...), cider, ketchup, mustard, liquid fertilizer, shampoos, etc...

The product is filled in batches by filling cylinders. The equipment is delivered with 4, 6, 8 or 10 (PS 1500L/4, 6, 8, 10) filling cylinders in accordance to the demanded output of the machine. Filling cylinders are easily changeable.

The filling equipment is supplied by pneumatic clossing of the nozzles to prevent dripping of the product, system for filling from the bottom for foaming products and function for easy cleaning of the filling cylinders. LCD display for electronic setting of batching is a standard.

The equipment can be incorported into packaging lines together with capping equipment (screw-on or jam-on caps) and with labeling equipment.

Two-shelled tank to keep temperature of the product is above standard.

Type of pack: bottle, jar, can etc.

Machine is equiped with: Unitronics, Camozzi 

Model Output pcs/h Weight (kg) Dimensions of the machine (mm)
  For batch   (HxWxD*) 
PS 1500 L/4 2000 1700 800 1800x1700x1300
PS 1500 L/6 2600 2300 900 1800x2300x1300
PS 1500 L/8 3100 2800 1000 1800x2300x1300
PS 1500 L/10 3500 3200 1200 1800x2800x1300

* Transport dimension and handling dimension for when you move just 860 mm (passage doors 90 cm).


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