PAT 2500

Filling and sealing machine

PAT 2500 is designed for filling liquid and paste products of food, pharmaceutical or chemist industry into plastic, laminated or aluminium tubes. Tubes are closed by hot air or by folding.

Setting of the tubes is done automatically from the feeder. Orientation of the tube according to the orientation mark and to the filling station is part of the equipment. Closing jaws are equipped with changeable marks for date and code marking. For laminated and plastic tubes the machine is equipped with cutting jaws for straight cut of the tube. 

Isolated filling funnel and option for mixing the product in the funnel is above-standard.

Output: up to 2.500 pcs/h

Content of filling: 1 - 350 ml

Diameter of tubes: 12 - 50 mm

Length of tubes: 50 - 200 mm

Tubes: plastic, laminated or aluminium

Input power: 400 V, 1.5 (4.5) kW

Pressure air: 250 l/min, 6 bar

Dimensions: 1.450 x 1.350 x 1.750 mm

Machine is equiped with: Omron, Camozzi


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