PAK 2400

Filling and capping machine

PP 2400 is automatic rotary liquid or paste filling and capping compact designed for food, cosmetic or chemist industry. The product is filled into cups (plastic, aluminium or paper of various shapes and sizes), mostly of content up to 1,000 ml. Cups are capped with sealed lids (aluminium or plastic), lug or jammed on type caps or their combination. The device can be used for filling milk products (yoghurt, ...), salad, mustard, etc. 

Machinery can be equipped by 1 or 2 filling stations and 1 or 2 stations for lid setting.

A set of shaping parts for the cups is part of the equipment.

Transporting bell for offtake of the caps and scanning equipment with LCD display for batch setting is an above-standard part of the machinery.

Output: up to 2.400 pcs/h

Content of filling: 10 - 1.000 ml

Cups: plastic, aluminium or paper of various shapes and sizes 

Caps: aluminium or weld on plastic lids, plastic jammed on or lug type lids

Input power: 400 V, 3.0 kW

Pressure air: 300 l/min, 6 bar

Dimensions: 1.450 x 1.230 x 1.750 mm

Machine is equiped with: Omron, Camozzi


Files for download:

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