Mixing and homogenization devices for production of creams, ointments, emulsions, gels and other products of cosmetic and chemical industry is designed in accordance to  the customer´s requirements and with regards to the  character of  production technology and facilities.

- Efficient capacity approx. 50 - 1.000 l
- Type of vessels  - one-, two-, or three-shell
- Type of heating – by steam or electric power in a tank or in heating circuit
- Cooling by cold water or by  ice-cold water maker
- Automatic regulation of temperature
- Choice of mixers in accordance with  character of technology -  slowly mixing device (frame, wiping anchor, etc.) - fast mixing homogenizers (turbine, paddle, propeller type, etc.) or external homogenizers (reactors, colloid mills, etc.) connected to the homogenisation circuit
- Smooth regulation of the mixers
- Construction of the vessel enables creating of  excess pressure or sub-atmospheric pressure or filling the vessel by protective gas
-  Possible to connect into a cleaning circuit (CIP)
- Used  materials are according to the customer’s requirements (standard stainless steel AISI 304, or chemical resistant AISI 316)
-  Finishing of the surface in accordance to the customer´s demands (including electro-chemical polish)
- Other above-standard equipment according to the customer´s requirements


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